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Science Educator badge image for professional developmentThis badge is awarded to educators who have implemented the Philly Scientists Biodiversity curriculum in an in-school or after-school setting.  This includes leading student through biodiversity content, science practices, and communicating biodiversity solutions to the scientific and local community.


Educators who have earned this badge have accomplished the following achievements:

  • Participated in the Philly Scientists Professional Development Workshop
  • Implemented the Philly Scientists curriculum in an in-school or after-school setting.
  • Facilitated student biodiversity data collection.
  • Facilitated student biodiversity solution generation.
  • Implemented student digital badges.
  • Reviewed and compared the collected data via the Philly Scientists website.
  • Prepared students for communication biodiversity solutions to scientists and their local community at the student summit.


  • Applied Next Generation Science Standards and career awareness.
  • Facilitated technology as a scientific tool.
  • Applied the Philly Scientists learning pathway and digital badges
  • Implemented best practices in STEM pedagogy, such as asking questions and discussion facilitation.