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This badge is awarded to educators who participated in the Philly Scientists Professional Development workshop.  The workshop provides participants with a basic overview of biodiversity, overview of the Philly Scientists curriculum, technical overview of the program website and the mobile app.


Educators participating in this workshop have been introduced to the following concepts and technology:

  • Overview of biodiversity in the Philadelphia region
  • Philly Scientists Biodiversity Curriculum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and STEM career awareness goals.
  • Using the Philly Scientists data website to review and track biodiversity data collected by their classrooms
  • Using the Philly Scientists mobile app and field collection tools to record biodiversity data
  • Implementing digital badges and learning pathways in the classroom
  • Overview of best teaching practices for STEM pedagogy


  • Understanding Next Generation Science Standards
  • Understanding Citizen Science
  • Understanding biodiversity and local food chains
  • Understanding inquiry-based science education
  • Integrating technology as a scientific tool
  • Supporting teachers and students throughout curriculum implementation